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Like it or not, if you want your body to function at its full potential and to remain healthy, you need to be well hydrated with water. Soft drinks, juices, milk, coffee, etc… do not hydrate your body. Nothing hydrates you like water. Most physicians agree hydration is the key to good physical and mental health. Pure, clean water is the best source to stay hydrated.

Water makes up approximately 60% of the body weight. Blood, kidney, heart and lungs are made up of approximately 80% or more of water. Muscle, spleen, brain, intestines and skin are 72-75% water. Even our bones are 22% and fat tissue is 10% water.

Water helps you digest food and then turn the food into energy. Water regulates body temperature and maintains muscle tone. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body, protects and cushions vital organs and joints. Water also cleanses our bodies of many toxins.

Water is also great for weight loss. It has no calories, helps suppress your appetite, and helps the body metabolize stored fat. If you drink enough water it helps to keep fluid retention down and even relieve constipation. Water can help with mild depression, dry eyes, tiredness, and headaches. These can be signs of dehydration. Try drinking (within just a few minutes) 8-16 ounces of water, you should notice a difference.

Daily fluid requirements will vary depending on environmental conditions, how many caffeinated and alcoholic beverages you drink per day because they dehydrate your body, exercise intensity and duration. The standard calculation is to divide your body weight in half, this should be the minimum number of ounces your body requires a day (128 lbs should drink 64 ounces). Beyond that, drink two ounces of water for every ounce of a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage and for exercise and exertion 8-24 ounces more per day.

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